Tanzania is the most peaceful country in East Africa and Africa. While Tanzania police and military forces work hard to make sure that the country is at peace all the time but also the citizens are very friendly and willing to help any time is there problem. Most places have police posts close by and especially all major tourist places. Tanzania safari organizers work with all peace keepers to make sure that all guests are safe all the time and if any problem arises there is immediate coordination to solve it. Also during your organized trip you will always accompanied by professional guide who will make sure that you have a safe, enjoyable trip.


Usually you will spend your holiday in tourist destinations Game parks. Around these parks game parks are villages which local people reside. Example at slope of Kilimanjaro is Chagga tribe, Ngorongoro conservation area Maasai people. So your destination guide will give you briefing on what to do and how to behave when you meet with local people. These helps to create love, trust and harmony with local people, this is all about friends would love to hear so that they can get knowledge about their thinking.