The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania is formed by the union of Tanganyika, called mainland Tanzania, and Zanzibar islands of Unguja and Pemba. The country operates as the States with two Governments, namely the Union Government and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

Tanzania is a democratic country with a multi-party electoral system consists of 17 political parties. The President of Tanzania is the Head state and of Government. He’s elected after every 5 years and mandated to serve a maximum of two terms.

Parliamentary elections take place every 5 years and several political parties participate. The constitution of the United Republic is currently undergoing review by the “Constitutional Review Commission” The current constitution provides for the rule of law and separation of powers. Since 1961, the country has never suffered a civil war or a period of violent internal strife. It enjoys a high political stability that creates peace and love to the citizens.