The Ruaha National Park is the one of the larger National Parks. The Park situated in the south western part of Tanzania. The addition of Usangu Game Reserve and wetlands to the park in 2008 increased its size to about 20,226 square kilometers, The common features of this park has a high diversity of plants and animals including Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes and some rare endangered species like wild dogs, The park is a one of the Tanzania birds’ paradise with more than 571 species interest and some of them are known to be migrants from within and outside Africa, Migrating species from species, Asia, Australia rim and Madagascar have been recorded in the park, you will enjoy famous wilderness areas where you can have a rare experience of game viewing spiced up by the fascinating landscape, the park almost is untouched and unexplored ecosystem,

Apart from large animals also there Reptiles and Amphibians such as crocodiles, poisonous and non poisonous snakes, monitor lizards, agama lizards and frogs. There are over 1650 plant species that have been identified, Ruaha it has a lot of attractions that no body can complete to explain and it’s suggested for you to come along and appreciate the wonders of the park.

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