Before coming in Tanzania you will have to take little health precaution, because Tanzania is in the tropical environment which tropical diseases such as Malaria normally occurs. Malaria is the most feared disease to most of the visitors, make sure before you travel you visit your doctor to get ant-malaria tablets


The yellow-fever vaccination is no longer officially required when entering Tanzania, yet because disease is endemic many doctors will recommend it as a precaution. Other vaccination that might be considered before you travel include typhoid, hepatitis ,A and B, meningitis, and tetanus

Food and Water

While on trip in Tanzania make sure that you drink bottled water, there many brands available at every retail shop. Make sure that if you eat on streets the food is hot; avoid eating salads, juices on streets because it’s likely that they were not prepared in a hygienic way standards so you shouldn’t worry about eating anything there. But be advised that if you are not sure of what you ordered don’t eat it. Most places you will eat during your organized safari measures and research have been made by your trip organizer to make sure that the food meets the required standard for you to eat. Mainly each safari organizer will make that both dietary requirements are taken care during your trip.