Most banks are open From Monday to Friday, also there are ATM and 24 hours cash machines in branches of major banks which generally accept International VISA/Master cards. There are several banks includes; Standard Charted, CRDB, National Commercial Bank (NBC), EXIM Banks, Barclays Banks, around the country.


The unit of currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS/TSH), although widespread use of U.S dollars is accepted. ATM’s are available in Arusha and Dar es Salaam, and there bureau de changes here in Tanzania if you would like to exchange your money. It takes longer to change money in the banks than in the bureau de change. With dollars make sure you bring new note below series year 2000. Most will give low, flat rate for older notes (some places will not buy them).

Credit cards are accepted at all safari Lodges, and Hotels. While traveling in Tanzania make sure your money belt or bag and only have some few notes close by for immediate use if need be.

While your safari organizer works hard to make sure that your trip is as safe as possible exposing lots of money on streets or congested areas may invite pickpockets, so take care!


In Tanzania visa are required by most foreign nationals whether visiting for a holiday or to conduct business. Tanzania does permit some foreign nationals mostly African and Asian visa free travel for up to three months. However except for Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda they still need to obtain entry permit for clearance.